I've Got the Blues!

This season is all about blue, and I'm so grateful and happy as it's my favourite colour and looks good on just about everyone! For the past few months I've been madly collecting both lapis and turquoise, and now I'm going to start offering it for sale on my wazala site: www.duchessajewels.com. Please stop by to check it out.

Pictured above: bunches of 50 strands of carved lapis AAA quality beads from Afghanistan, each bead 1-2mm in size; flows round the neck like silk. Top photo USD 600 per 50 strands and second picture (slightly larger beads) USD 700 per 50 strands. 

Special New Years Offer & Sale!

Buy a Harlequin necklace at only USD85 (includes shipping worldwide)
Buy any three full price necklaces over the Chinese New Year period (19, 20 & 21 Feburary) and receive a 30% discount! Includes shipping worldwide. Email info@duchessajewels.com for details.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year of the Goat!

See above for a special promotional offer to welcome in the New Ewe!

Finally two beautiful blues!

I'm so pleased with this eye-catching sapphire necklace. It goes with everything and if you have blue eyes makes them really stand out! Or, alternatively, this aquamarine (in a gold mount as well) is elegant and regal, working just as well with a summer dress or suit.

Pink Necklace back in stock!

Available in both gold and gunmetal mounts (as well as other colours), ready to ship this week. USD 160 includes worldwide shipping, from www.duchessajewels.com

The Perfect Necklace

I am happy to announce the latest iteration of my necklace, further refined and hopefully bettered!
New colours include: Harlequin (pictured) Pale Rose / Dark Rose / Burnt Orange and Buttercup. We also have old favourites like Aquamarine and Citrine in a gold mount.
All the stones are Cubic Zirconia, effectively a synthetic gemstone, while the mount is as fine and shallow as possible, in either gold or gunmetal colours.
They will be on my selling site: www.duchessajewels.com by tonight, and I am taking orders now. There are, on average, 20 of each colour (10 in gunmetal and 10 in gold). They will be shipped out by express mail the first week of December.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Pink Necklaces on the Way!

Well, hopefully. The good news, necklace fans, is that I have found a new factory and they are presently making me samples using the following lovely colours, (which includes pink and blue). Watch this space because I hope to have some sparkly bright delicious necklaces soon. If it all works out I will only get a few so please register your interest now!

Coral Continuum

Just to say that I have started a board on Pinterest called Coral Continuum where I am posting all the photos I can find of historic coral jewels, with the hope I can sort them into date order and learn more about their stylistic development. Anyone with dating tips please feel free to contribute. Thanks!

Must Have Basic Turquoise Necklace

Ignore the bad photos which has distorted the colour (making them much greener than they are in reality), here are my versions of the beautiful Rebecca Callino turquoise necklace that sold at Doyle New York this year (top left). Each contains hard to find carved and fluted natural turquoise beads. My necklaces are much bluer in the flesh than they are showing in the pictures for some reason. Sterling silver clasps. Check for prices soon on www.duchessajewels.com

Hong Kong Protests

Yesterday we (myself, baby and young son) went to one of the protest sites in Hong Kong, near Legco, where the government meets. To get there we had to cross a six lane highway which has been closed due to the protests. And that's the first takeaway - how fantastic a car free city is with the freedom to walk as the crow flies. No noise, no pollution, healthier! Wish they would keep it this way. Anyway, we were helped over the median barriers by the first set of super kind students who were manning an improvised stile - not to encourage you to cross over, just to ensure you were safe doing so.
Then we arrived at where the people (perhaps 3,000-5,000) were mingling and, as you can see, had put up signs and protest notes (no graffiti, literally post-it notes) calling on the government to give them true democracy in 2017.
There was a first aid tent and several stations that had donated food and water for people to help themselves. Again we were faced with climbing a high barrier to get on to a second motor way. Again students were manning points where we could step up and over.
Everyone we spoke to was, first of all, very young, then calm, composed, kind, courteous and caring - to a fault.
My son walked off to take a photo and one of the students saw the flicker of concern on my face and went to stand by him and then lead him back. It was as if instead of everyone being infused with violence and aggression, there was an outpouring of courteousness, kindness and understanding.
I asked if they had any spare yellow ribbons (their symbol) and they said they did but suggested I didn't wear one as there had been reports of people being harassed for wearing them. They said they were just grateful people came to visit the site.
I won't go on but, as someone who is normally more into supporting animal issues than human ones, the courage and composure of the students nearly moved me to tears. Both because just when you realise how educated, sensible and promising they are you simultaneously can't see how they will win or even be heard under China. They are under intense pressure from all sides and a lot of it I'm sure is fabricated. Closing the schools? Why? I can only hope my own children end up as decent as them.

Blue for My Daughter

After all of these years collecting coral, I don't think it actually suits me - or my baby daughter! Thus, in a huge shift, I'm now obsessed with collecting blue jewelry to match her eyes....unfortunately at the same time it seems that the fashion world is too. Watch this space as I publish some of my finds..

Fabulous Turquoise

I can't get enough of turquoise lately. At the beginning of the year I bid on a turquoise necklace by Rebecca Callino at Doyle's New York which went for $1600 or so, far above the estimate of $300-500, and far above my bid! Since then I've been scouring the world for similar beads to recreate my own and hopefully some to sell. Watch this space!

Beautiful Luneville Dinner Service

Over the past few months I've been collecting a lot of these relatively cheap (shipping horrendous) Luneville plates from France. They've gone into permafreeze storage, but hopefully will emerge one day to decorate a breakfast room in my house like the one on the cover of this book!

Venetian Bling!

Well, its been 10 months since I updated this blog.....10 months off to look after my new baby daughter! But now I hope to be back with a vengeance and no better way to kickstart than with a discount of USD 20 on my diamond crystal riviere, which will be on sale for USD 200 through the month of October (this price includes shipping). It's sterling silver with cubic zirconia stones and looks rather like the (presumably real) diamond examples Anna Wintour was wearing at George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's wedding of the year in Venice last weekend. The necklace can be adjusted to wear at different lengths, or buy two to achieve a similar look!

Boxing Day Sale Starts Today!

$50 off each coloured necklace!
$100 off all clear crystal sterling silver necklaces!
A further 10% at checkout if you purchase two or more necklaces - enter code "twoormore" at checkout.
Includes free worldwide expedited shipping.

Visit: www.duchessajewels.com or contact me (nerida1@gmail.com) for help or more information.

A Christmas present from fabulous FAUX in Hong Kong

Check out the limited edition plates that Faux has commissioned from a variety of well known Hong Kong artists. I don't think Richard Winkworth (left) is based in HK, but here is a charming scene he has painted of...Aberdeen..?

Thanksgiving Sale!

Announcing a 30% sale, for a limited time. 

Take $50 off the cost of each jewel to celebrate Thanksgiving and the beginning of the festive season!

Starting today!

Visit: www.duchessajewels.com for more.

All about red!

Talisa Soto (left) shocked to learn that red dresses similar to the one she wore in the '80's are upwards of USD 75,000 on Net-a-Porter! ("the World's gone mad - again")

I'm shocked too - last time I looked an expensive dress was maybe USD 2-10,000 and that was only 2-3 years ago!
Padparadscha collet necklace from Duchessa: USD 170

Pity the poor things who happily part with this kind of money - they could surely fly to Bruges and get the whole dress laced up for half that! Or buy this seriously beautiful artwork by Imran Qureshi for USD 12,000. Still, it's pretty to look at!
Detail: Tomato red Padparadscha collet necklace from Duchessa: USD 170 including shipping worldwide

JD Camicetta & Duchessa

Seriously pretty Forget-Me-Not Violet Print sleeveless silk top from JD Camicetta!

See following post for more info about JD Camicetta.

And two necklaces from Duchessa: www.duchessajewels.com

The question is what colour shoes (both from Net-a-Porter)?!